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FREE Crochet Pattern for the Strawberry Pouch inspired by Mina’s Twice

I recently found the most adorable bag patten by Vivi Crochet on YouTube (@vii.crochet on Instagram)! I personally prefer PDF written patterns when crocheting, and unfortunatlye Vivi Crochet only had the YouTube tutorial. Don't get me wrong, it was great! I just wanted to include a written version for accesibility & to feature yarn found in the USA.

Watch Vivi Crochet's video below!

Now let's get into the written pattern!


Written Pattern:

Round 1: With the pale yellow yarn, chain 18. (18)

Round 2: Make 3 dc into the second chain from your hook. Put 1 dc into the next 16 st. Put 6 dc into the last st of the round. ()

Round 3: Continue onto the underside of your chain so that you form an oval at the end of this round. Put 1 dc into the first 1 7st and then 3 dc into the last st of the round. Slst to close the oval. ()

Round 4: Ch 2 and put 1 dc into the first st. Put 2 dc into the next st. (1 dc into the next 2 st then dc into the next st) x5 ()

Making the strap:

Making the shoulder strap was not in the video but I added it to my bag. The length of the strap depends on your personal preference.

1. Chain the length of the strap you want in the cotton blue yarn. You can test if the length works by pinning it to the inside of your bag and trying it on!

2. Insert your hook into the second chain from the hook and single crochet (sc) back down the chain. This gives your strap a little more studiness/thickness.

3. Sew with your tapestry needle onto the inside of the bag. Try not to let the blue yarn show through to the front of the bag by only sewing through the back loops of the yellow stitches.

Lining the bag:

I followed a technique similar to this video by Jonna Martinez to make my bag lining. There are a lot of helpful tutorials on YouTube as well! I hand sewed mine but you can also use a sewing machine if you have one.

All done! I hope you love your strawberry pouch inspired by Mina's Twice. Feel free to share your finished products with me or the original creator, Vivi Crochet! Thanks again Vivi for such a great pattern. My bag is featured below